Children's Naturopathic Centre | Dr. Sarah McAllister, ND


New Patients

During your first 90-minute visit, Dr. McAllister will take an extensive history of your child's medical health including nutrition, lifestyle, current vitamin/supplement/medication use, and other therapies being used. Medical records may be requested from their other health care providers to ensure an integrated and appropriate treatment plan is devised for your child. Dr. McAllister will conduct a full physical exam and may order laboratory/diagnostic tests at that time. Reports from health care providers (past and present) are extremely helpful prior to or at appointment time.

Parents: please download, complete, and bring the four (4) patient forms, to your first appointment. If this is not possible, please come thirty minutes early to your first appointment in order to complete this initial, mandatory paperwork. This will allow us to use your time more effectively, thank you.


For established patients, 60 minutes. At this appointment, Dr. McAllister will address any new concerns and/or follow-up on any past concerns and treatments. If diagnostic tests were done, she will review the results and explain treatment options. Physical exams may also be performed at this time depending on your child's needs.


For established patients, 30 minutes. These appointments are geared for patients with acute illness or injury. If Dr. McAllister is your primary care provider, her office will ensure that you are seen promptly.